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Save the Date: 9/17/2022 Forestry & Wildlife Field Day

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👀❗️ We are sorry to announce that WUR SWMD’s Tox-A-Way Day scheduled for August 20th at the Union County Co-op in Liberty, Indiana, will be postponed. The company WUR SWMD has contracted with to collect and haul the materials has had an incident and repairs need to be made before the facility will be back online at full capacity and able to process the materials.
Please keep watch for when the rescheduled date will be posted. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As soon as a date is confirmed we will re-post the Tox-A-Way Day.



The Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District is currently looking for volunteers to form a Fact-Finding committee to gather information with the intent to apply for a future Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant, which provides funding for various types of projects that work to reduce nonpoint source water pollution.
Previous watershed based 319 grants implemented by the SWCD include the Whitewater River Initiative and the Friends of the Middle Fork, which were extremely beneficial in providing cost share assistance to eligible Wayne County landowners for the installation of best management practices to their land.
If you are interested, please email or call SWCD Chairwoman Cathy Becker @ 765-524-7363. We look forward to hearing from you!


Wayne County SWCD receives $1000 grant funding from Whitewater Valley REMC’s Round Up program for 2021 Conservation Days.  A big thank you to all that participate in this program to help make this a fun event for our 3rd/4th grade students here in Wayne County!!

Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District – news release


Wayne County CISMA: 

What is a CISMA, Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area?  Join this locally led group to learn about invasive plants, why we should plant native plants, and about WIPER  by clicking here: WIPER insert with butterfly info 2020


Updated 2020 Indiana Invasive Plant list:


pdf: 2020_IN_InvasiveList common