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Fall Fundraiser of Native Trees and Shrubs & Kiln-dried Cedar Nestboxes and Feeders.  Order deadline is September 24th.  Items will be available for pick-up on Thursday September 31st and Friday October 1st.  If you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to you please call the office – online information below –

The Brochure will explain what you need to know about the items and how you will be entered into a drawing: 2021 Fall Brochure for online posting

The order form will tell you the cost for the items that you select:  Online order forms 2021

Currently only 3-gallon trees are on this listing, but as soon as the nursery finishes their inventory we will put up those available in 1, 5, 7, 10, 15 gallon sized containers.

Hi All,
For those of you interested in other tree and shrub species in additional sizes I have received a listing! I am hoping to get it in a better format for sharing soon. If you have a special request I can search the updated inventory and let you know if it is available. Email me at or call my voicemail at 765-373-9540 and leave a message. Due to Covid numbers in the County our office is limited to staff so I am currently teleworking. Thank you again for supporting the Wayne County SWCD!!
LuAnne Holeva, Conservation Education Coordinator


Wayne County SWCD receives $1000 grant funding from Whitewater Valley REMC’s Round Up program for 2021 Conservation Days.  A big thank you to all that participate in this program to help make this a fun event for our 3rd/4th grade students here in Wayne County!!

Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District – news release


Indiana Pesticide Clean Sweep Project – Sponsored by the Office of Indiana State Chemist

Local collection will take place August 25, 2021,  at the Union County Co-Op, 101 W. Campbell St Liberty, IN

Registration Form due August 6th –> 2021 Pesticide Collection



  • Pasture & Livestock Field Day * October 14, 2021 * Hagerstown High School Beef Farm * Start time 5:00 pm * More details to come!




Wayne County CISMA: 

What is a CISMA, Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area?  Join this locally led group to learn about invasive plants, why we should plant native plants, and about WIPER  by clicking here: WIPER insert with butterfly info 2020


Updated 2020 Indiana Invasive Plant list:


pdf: 2020_IN_InvasiveList common


72nd Wayne County SWCD Annual Meeting (2020) 


Wayne County Resource Inventory Council’s Barn Preservation presentation from 2020 SWCD Annual Meeting: if you missed out or would like to review again, click here for a PDF version: 2020Wayne County Barn InventoryRev2 




The cost-share program will provide cost-share funds to landowners located within pre-determined priority watershed areas for a variety of practices, including, but not limited to, cover crops, riparian plantings, buffer strips, water and sediment control basins, forage and biomass plantings, and nutrient management plans. Practices used to fence livestock currently accessing streams will also be funded—these include fencing, watering facilities, pipeline to watering facilities, and heavy use area pads. A small amount of funding is also available for invasive species removal and control.  Additional information can be found below: